Ørsted's miniature house diorama demonstrates many renewable technologies, illustrating what our company is all about.

About us

Building an American industry


Our renewable energy solutions are driving growth in America's clean energy sector.

As a leading U.S. clean energy company, we are creating skilled jobs and bringing new opportunities to communities across the country.

Taking our global experience…

Ørsted was the first energy company to transition to clean energy from fossil fuels. Today, we operate more offshore wind energy projects than any other company in the world. And we’re committed to being the first energy company to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

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... and combining our local expertise

We are now bringing that experience to bear for the benefit of communities around the U.S., strengthening the American economy and building greater energy security.

  • Five gigawatts of offshore wind capacity in development on the East Coast
  • Four gigawatts of onshore wind, solar and storage projects in operation and under construction across Texas, the Midwest, and the Southeast
  • Over 500 employees working across 14 offices


Our locations

Ørsted has office locations and projects across the U.S. to support our growing business, create skilled jobs, and meet the demand for clean, reliable energy.

Use our interactive map to see where we work across the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Our clean energy solutions

A field of Ørsted's onshore wind turbines operates in heartland America, one of our key land-based clean energy solutions.

Onshore wind

A row of Ørsted's solar panels in the U.S. converts sunlight into power, sending excess clean energy to battery storage.

Solar and storage

Two Ørsted technicians building America's clean energy industry stand by an arid field of onshore wind turbines.

At the forefront of the American clean energy industry


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