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DONG Energy has

become Ørsted

Cleaner future

We want to help meet global climate challenges by generating and supplying energy that doesn't harm the environment. We have reduced CO2 emissions by 52% since 2006. By 2023 we will have reduced them by 96%.

Power in numbers

A future powered by 100% green energy might be closer than we think. In 2016, we installed offshore wind turbine number 1,000. Our experience in building and operating offshore wind farms, and developing offshore wind technology, has enabled significant reductions in cost.

The end of coal

We'll be 100% coal free in just 5 years. We're converting our power stations to generate green energy based on sustainable biomass instead of coal and gas. 

Every fourth offshore turbine in the world
is installed by us

Taking real action against climate change

Want to help create a world that runs entirely on green energy?

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