Clean energy supply chain

At Ørsted, we’re developing domestic supply chains and infrastructure, spreading the benefits of clean energy jobs and investment across the U.S.

We’ve invested nearly $2 billion in building out the supply chain and infrastructure needed to support clean energy projects in the United States. This includes funding for new and expanded manufacturing facilities, port and shipyard development, and the creation of innovative clean energy technologies. We want the benefits of our projects to reach beyond the states where they operate, supporting manufacturers, suppliers, and small business owners across the country.

A blade for an offshore wind turbine being lifted by a crane, part of Ørsted's growing offshore wind supply chain.
A blue pictogram of a piggy bank with a dollar sign, representing $2 million invested in the American economy by Ørsted.

$2 billion

Invested in the American economy
A blue pictogram of a dot connected to three other dots, representing the 44 U.S states connected to Ørsted's projects.

44 states

Benefiting from Ørsted projects
A blue pictogram of a man and a woman, representing the ~700 employees Ørsted has in the United States.

~700 employees

Working for Ørsted in the U.S.


Spreading the benefits of offshore wind inland

In March 2021, the U.S. established a goal of developing 30 GW of offshore wind energy by 2030. With less than 1 GW currently in operation, this target opens up new possibilities for investing in the American economy and building out the offshore wind supply chain. At Ørsted, we aim to spread the benefits of offshore wind beyond coastal communities, collaborating with manufacturers, suppliers, and skilled laborers in states countrywide.

Building a U.S. offshore wind supply chain (PDF)

A map highlighting the 44 states that are part of and benefit from Ørsted's clean energy supply chain in the U.S.
Investments to date
  • Florida
    Construction of portions of the first American-made Service Operations Vessel (SOV)*
  • Illinois
    Manufacturing of generators for the first American-made Service Operations Vessel (SOV)*
  • Kansas
    Construction of the first American-made offshore wind energy substation*
  • Louisiana
    Construction and final assembly of the first American-made Service Operations Vessel (SOV)*
  • Maryland
    • $140 million investment into array cable manufacturing which will be led by Hellenic Cables
  • New Jersey
    $250 million investment with our partner PSEG into the development of a monopile facility to be manufactured by steel manufacturer, EEW
  • New York
    $86 million investment into advanced foundation components to be manufactured by Riggs Distler & Company*
  • North Carolina
    Steel components for first American-made Service Operations Vessel (SOV)*
  • Ohio
    Manufacturing of blasting and coating equipment for use in the EEW monopile facility
  • South Carolina
    $220 million expansion of the Nexans cable manufacturing facility for both domestic and global supply*
  • Rhode Island
    Chartering five new American-made Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs)*
  • Texas
    • Construction of the first American-made offshore wind power installation vessel*
    • Construction of the first American-made offshore wind energy substation*
  • West Virginia
    Steel for the first American-made offshore wind turbine installation vessel and Service Operations Vessel (SOV)*
*Investment with our JV partner Eversource

Our Impact

Two male trainees working on wind turbines as part of an offshore wind workforce development program supported by Ørsted.

Workforce development and jobs

We’re creating good-paying jobs and investing in educational and training initiatives to build and boost the American workforce.
Two women on the porch of a university building, showing the kind of local community where Ørsted builds partnerships.

Local community partnerships

We’re engaging with local communities, building long-term partnerships that benefit residents and businesses.
Two burrowing owls in Arizona whose habitat is being conserved through Ørsted's biodiversity initiatives.


We’re committed to creating a clean energy industry that protects natural ecosystems and champions biodiversity.