Resources for Local Mariners

Information on Ørsted’s offshore wind activities for ocean users

Ørsted’s approach to offshore wind starts with recognizing the ocean as a shared space – a place where people fish, sail, and enjoy nature. 

That’s why our Marine Affairs team is committed to helping fishermen and other mariners thrive in and around our offshore wind farms. We keep open lines of communication and work to avoid or mitigate impacts wherever possible. Our team provides regular updates and relevant resources about our offshore activities, maintaining fishing access and promoting safe navigation during wind farm development, construction, and operations.
A fishing vessel navigating around an offshore wind turbine using information from Ørsted's East Coast Mariners Briefing.

Latest Mariners Briefing

We're dedicated to keeping mariners informed of our offshore activities. You can access the access local notices from the U.S. Coast Guard and subscribe to our Mariners Briefing at the bottom of this page.

Our projects

Map of Ørsted's seven offshore wind farms on the Northeast Coast, showing areas where mariners and fisherman may sail.

Navigational resources

At Ørsted, we’re committed to helping all mariners safely operate and navigate in and around our offshore wind farms. In addition to the charts provided above, mariners can find navigational resources for Ørsted’s offshore wind projects, including those in operation and under construction, below.

Keeping open lines of communication

We’re committed to maintaining a strong working relationship with all mariners and seafarers with whom we share the ocean. Our Fisheries Communication and Outreach Plan and our Maritime Stakeholder Communication and Outreach Plan outline our strategies for communicating, coordinating, and successfully coexisting with all ocean users.

Programs for fishermen

Our Marine Affairs team works closely with fishermen, ensuring the ocean remains a place where both offshore wind and fishing can thrive. In addition to regular communications, Ørsted provides fishing-specific programs designed to avoid or mitigate impacts on individuals who rely on local fisheries.

Contact us

Have questions about Ørsted’s offshore wind farms or our work with local mariners? You can reach out to our Northeast Marine Affairs team at or find individual contact information below.

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A red and yellow crane constructing an Ørsted offshore wind turbine, showing how to build an offshore wind farm.

How to build an offshore wind farm

What exactly goes into constructing an offshore wind farm – and how does power get transported to shore? From site investigations to installation of components at sea, we aim to keep our impact on the surrounding ecosystem to an absolute minimum.