Fight climate change with one of the world’s most sustainable energy companies 

Transforming the way the world is powered is the biggest thing we can do to fight climate change. Join us at the forefront of the green energy transition.

Over the past decade, Ørsted has transformed from one of Europe’s most fossil fuel-intensive energy companies to one of the world's most sustainable energy companies. This would never have been possible without the knowledge and enthusiasm of our people – Ørsted’s most important asset for future growth.

We are more than 9,000 employees worldwide, and we’re growing globally. Join us and use your skills to help fight climate change and create a brighter future for generations to come. 

Did you know?

In 2019, Harvard Business Review ranked Ørsted number seven in their ‘Top 20 Business Transformations of the Last Decade’ – and we’re the only European company in the top 10.

Join a global green energy leader

Ørsted is leading the way on climate action by developing, constructing, and operating offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants. Having built the world’s first offshore wind farm in 1991, today we’re the world’s largest offshore wind developer. We own and operate one in every four offshore wind turbines in the world and have a 30% market share in this sector. Today, we’ve installed enough offshore wind power to supply green energy to more than 15 million people, a figure we aim to double by 2025.

Our story began in Denmark, but today we operate across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific in countries including the UK, Taiwan, the US, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Our global footprint is growing, as we work to support more countries that are adopting policies to accelerate the build-out of green energy and speed up decarbonization. By 2025 we aim to generate enough energy to power 30 million people around the world from sustainable sources.

Find your place in the home of innovation

For Ørsted, innovation goes beyond products and technological platforms. We’re looking to recruit original thinkers with a natural curiosity to pursue new paths in the search for better solutions.

Innovation wouldn’t be possible if we all looked at the world in the same way. We believe that an inclusive culture and diverse workforce is good for our employees, essential for society, and key to creating the innovative solutions that define us as a company.

First mover to market leader

In 1991, we built the world’s first offshore wind farm. With 11 turbines and enough output to supply 2,200 Danish homes, Vindeby may have been a small beginning, but it paved the way for a huge transformation in the way we generate power. 

Nearly three decades later, in 2019, Ørsted commissioned Hornsea 1, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, which now supplies 1.1 million British homes with power.

We´re building more and larger wind turbines than our first
Our offshore wind turbines keep growing. The 1,500th wind turbine is more than 16 times more powerful than our first offshore wind turbine.
Through focused innovation, both turbines and farm sizes have grown significantly, yielding more production per turbine, and producing energy at a lower cost.  We’ve achieved things that could hardly be imagined 20 years ago. Our turbines are now twice the height and diameter of those built in 2001, standing further from the shore than thought technically possible, on wind farms of an unprecedented scale.

Crossing new frontiers with solar and storage

Having mastered the challenge of offshore wind, we’re also building a growing onshore business in the U.S., where we’re leading the way with onshore wind, solar energy, and battery storage.
Like a new moon landing

“The projects grow and are now very far away from shore. We’re laying the foundations for the world of widespread wind power. And within thermal energy, we’re developing new and ground-breaking knowledge and technology within biomass-fired heat and power plants.”

– Sten Arendt Stoltze, Senior Vice President, Engineering

Solar power is one of the most mature and fast-growing renewable energy technologies. Just like offshore and onshore wind, solar is now cheaper than newly built coal or gas capacity in two thirds of the world.

Meanwhile, our battery technology means we can store power when supply exceeds demand and release it when there’s more demand than supply. This adds flexibility to the grid, which is a key tool to help balance short-term fluctuations in the power supply from onshore wind and solar.

Goodbye coal

We used to burn huge amounts of coal in our combined heat and power plants in Denmark. Today we’ve converted six of them to run on sustainable biomass. One still burns some coal, but this is something that we will end altogether by 2023.

We’re saying goodbye to coal in 2023... and to CO2

Our decision to repurpose our power stations has made us a world leader in sustainable biomass energy. It’s also made one of the biggest contributions to the reduction in carbon emissions Denmark has achieved since 2006.

Thanks in no small part to this shift, the power we generate went from 17% green energy in 2006 to 86% in 2019. It will reach nearly 100% by 2025.

Our culture

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