Workforce Development and Offshore Wind Careers

Creating pathways to high-quality careers in offshore wind

With offshore wind, we have the power to build a new American workforce – one that is well-trained, well-paid, and open to all. We’re providing job training, student scholarships, and supportive services that lead workers directly to high-quality careers. Through our union commitments and workforce development programs, Ørsted is setting high standards for clean energy jobs and bringing opportunities to communities across the U.S.

Building a new American workforce

Setting industry standards and training workers to meet them

The offshore wind industry is hitting its stride in the U.S., giving us a chance to shape it. As a market leader, Ørsted is working with industry partners to define quality standards for offshore wind jobs, creating opportunities for skilled workers and building an open, accessible sector. This means doing our part to prepare workers, training both young and seasoned professionals to meet the highest standards for clean energy development.
Ørsted workers wearing safety gear undergo safety training to prepare for offshore wind jobs

Partnering with unions to build a new American industry 

Union workers were early supporters of the offshore wind industry, quickly recognizing the benefits of an influx of construction, manufacturing, and transportation jobs to America.

That’s why Ørsted has committed to building all our offshore wind farms with union labor. We’re investing in a fair, inclusive union workforce, working closely with state officials, labor leaders, and local institutions to support pre-apprenticeship and safety credentialing programs. This is key to increasing the skills of American workers and maximizing their career opportunities.
A young union worker reaches for building materials on an American offshore wind construction site

Want to learn how the National Offshore Wind Agreement came to be? 

Hear from our partners at NABTU, the AFL-CIO, and Ørsted’s Head of Labor Relations. 

Offering scholarships and training that lead to careers

A new generation of students is looking to solve today’s energy and environmental challenges – and we’re here to support them. From Rutgers University, to SUNY Maritime, to the Community College of Rhode Island, Ørsted is funding offshore wind scholarships, research, and more. With local programs that extend beyond the classroom, we help students get hands-on experience, make connections, and launch careers in clean energy. 

Ørsted workers wearing life jackets undergo safety at sea training in a pool to prepare for offshore wind jobs