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Our IT and digital roles support everything we do.

At Ørsted, we’re working to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Achieving this means using the latest digital technology to run our business in the most efficient, effective, and innovative way we can. Our IT and digital roles support everything we do, from developing in-house software for our operational staff to keeping us safe from cybersecurity threats, from building our websites to optimizing the way our wind turbines are maintained and our power stations run.

With roles including, among others, software engineering and development, data science and AI, UX and design thinking, cybersecurity, and lean-agile, an IT and digital career at Ørsted means joining a friendly, collaborative team where your ideas are heard and your career can develop.

Digitization goes hand in hand with internationalization. Wherever you work, you’ll have colleagues around the world. While there are IT roles in most of our locations, our digital workforce is mostly concentrated in these countries:


Here you can see some example roles.

Software development

In a highly digitized energy company like Ørsted, software engineering and development has a part to play in almost everything, from running our many corporate websites and developing digital tools to managing our power plants and wind farms. We’re an expert team with an international makeup and wide geographical spread. Each member is empowered to use our particular skills as we work together to translate complex business requirements into simple, user-friendly solutions, using the most cutting-edge technologies – and we do so while co-located around the globe through online collaboration.

The work involves close collaboration with users, so we can steer the features we’re developing to meet their expectations – from discussing the value of different features to deploying code in a test environment, getting feedback from testers, and ultimately demoing and deploying the feature. Thanks to the iterative development practices we use, even large new products have a relatively fast time to market.

We program in Angular, .NET, ASP.Net, ASP.NET Core, Sitecore Content Management, React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and T-SQL and work using an Agile and DevOps approach to software development.

Data science and AI

Our wind farms and power stations don’t just generate electricity – they also produce a huge amount of data. It’s this kind of data we handle in Data Science & AI as we monitor how our assets are doing. It allows us to optimize our operations, for example by creating predictive maintenance models that detect likely problems before they’ve even happened, meaning repairs can be made without lengthy and expensive outage time.

And that’s just one example. What makes this role interesting is how fast-moving our field is, getting to use new technologies for data science, and having plenty of room to contribute our own ideas while we try to solve challenges across the business.
Meet Leticia, Data Scientist at Ørsted

UX and design thinking

As part of our digitalization vision, Ørsted has the ambition of setting new standards for customer experience in the renewable energy sector. In UX and Design Thinking, we’re making this happen. We facilitate digital design thinking at a broad level, making sure there’s a user focus for all our technology innovation projects.

We carry out user research both in person and remotely and collaborate with colleagues across the business in all Ørsted’s markets around the world. In short, our role on digital projects is to act as the voice of the customer and the user and to develop new, effective, and simplified design-thinking tools.


In the Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence (CoE), we teach, mentor, inspire, and coach colleagues across Ørsted in the lean-agile methods, the SAFe framework, and an agile mindset. Our objective is to enable a more flexible operating model that maximizes value without compromising employee satisfaction. Beyond specific agile expertise, the role involves lean techniques, design of organizations, value stream mapping, stakeholder management, facilitation skills, and the ability to keep a clear strategic overview of where we’re headed.

We work across the business with colleagues at all levels of seniority, advising on agile design methods and mindset. It’s exhilarating knowing we’re making our mark on the future of the company, improving the way we work to help achieve our vision of creating a world that runs entirely on green energy.
Meet Aseem, SCRUM Master at Ørsted


Ørsted provides critical energy infrastructure to societies across the world. It’s an increasingly digitized industry – and increasingly the target of cybercriminals. In cybersecurity, we work to manage the risks posed by this kind of security threat, making sure our assets and systems remain safe and resilient.

We work with every aspect of cybersecurity, from developing strategy, guidance, and supervision to undertaking penetration testing and security analytics and ensuring compliance. We provide a critical service in keeping the organization safe, as digital technologies play an ever-larger role in helping us create a greener world.

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