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Become an offshore wind technician

Be one of the first to work on America’s newest
offshore wind turbines

Build your career at the forefront of the emerging offshore wind industry

This is a job like no other. You’ll be working in a unique and exhilarating environment, using the skills you’ve got and the new ones you’ll learn to service and maintain offshore wind turbines.

Once trained, you’ll work a seven-days-on/seven-days-off shift pattern, travelling to the turbines on a crew transfer vessel.

Later down the line, you’ll be based on a service and operations vessel, a state-of-the-art floating staff hotel, on 14-day shifts – meaning you get 14 days’ home leave in between to spend doing whatever you like.

Offshore wind is a new and fast-growing industry in the U.S. You’ll be among the nation’s first offshore wind technicians, meaning you’ll train on the job and grow with the industry – helping to create a world that runs entirely on green energy.

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What qualifications or experience do I need?

Maybe you have previously worked in onshore wind or offshore oil and gas. Maybe you’ve worked or trained in mechanical repair or installation – from fixing cars to HVAC installation. Or maybe you’ve gained experience doing electrical work. Maybe you’re soon completing a training program about offshore wind or looking for an exciting next step after service in the military. If this is you, and you live in New York state or Rhode Island you could soon be working as an offshore wind turbine technician.

We’ll provide all our new recruits with the training you need to become a fully qualified wind turbine technician. So, while existing qualifications gained in onshore or offshore wind would give you a head start, they’re not essential.

In fact, we’re looking to take on anyone with two or more years’ experience in the service, repair, and maintenance of mechanical and/or electrical machinery and with the ability to transfer your technical knowledge to others.

You’ll need good sea legs, a head for heights, and teamworking attitude, as well as PC skills and a safety-first approach to your work.

Flexibility and mobility are also important. Your early years and training will involve a wide range of tasks to help keep our turbines running optimally. You’re likely to have the opportunity to travel to Europe to train with the best technicians in the industry, and you need to be comfortable with the seven/seven and later 14/14 shift patterns.

What will the job give me?

In your first 18 months, you’ll spend time learning from experienced technicians in a variety of other U.S. locations, as well as taking extended trips to our well-established offshore wind farms in Europe for on-the-job training.

From there, you’ll follow the unique wind turbine technician career path, gaining more experience, responsibility, and qualifications on the job. 

You’ll work in an extraordinary physical environment with a tight-knit team. With one or two weeks together on duty at a time, you’ll get to know each other very well. Which is important because you’ll need to achieve big things together, as trailblazers in a new industry that’ll revolutionize the way our nation is powered.

Finally, as an Ørsted employee in the U.S., you’ll be entitled to an attractive compensation package including generous benefits. 

Where will I work?

We’re recruiting wind technicians to service and maintain new offshore wind farms currently being developed more than 35 miles east of Montauk Point on Long Island. After training, you’ll work seven-day shifts, going out to the wind turbines each day on a crew transfer vessel. Later, your 14-day shifts will be spent on a service and operations vessel, meaning you’ll live and work at sea, among the turbines.

Ørsted – the global leader in offshore wind 

By joining Ørsted, you’ll be joining America’s – and the world’s – leading offshore wind energy company.

We built the world’s first offshore wind farm in 1991 in Denmark. Since then, we’ve gone on to develop, construct, operate, and own offshore wind farms across Europe, in Asia, and most recently in the U.S.

Here, we own and operate America’s first offshore wind farm, Block Island, and we recently built the first offshore wind turbine in federal waters, in Virginia. We’re currently working to develop New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Connecticut’s first offshore wind projects too.

Beyond offshore wind, we also have a growing portfolio of onshore wind farms, solar farms, and energy storage facilities spanning three states.

We’re pioneering new renewable energy solutions, like green hydrogen, in different locations around the world and are proud to have been ranked the world’s most sustainable energy company since 2019.

Our vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. As a wind technician, you’ll be helping us make it a reality.

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