Working with us

and Inclusion

Our commitments

At Ørsted, we believe talent is diverse by nature and that our differences accelerate our market success and help us realise our vision. Societies and talents are diverse– our workforce should reflect that. Everyone at Ørsted should feel they have an equal opportunity to belong and build a career. 

We strive to be an inclusive workplace where you’re respected for who you are, valued for the unique perspectives you bring, and rewarded fairly for what you achieve.  Ørsted wants all employees to have the same opportunities for impact and growth, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation or whether they have a disability.

To us, sustainability is more than a commitment to the environment. It’s also how we engage with and serve the communities to which we belong. Sustainability to us also means focusing on the social elements of our environment and creating an inclusive workplace for everyone.

What you’re expected to do

  • Be curious about diversity and inclusion, discuss and advocate for it. Recognize diversity as a strength
  • Be inclusive by contributing to an open-minded and supportive culture in which different perspectives are welcomed and leveraged, and where it’s safe to speak up
  • Seek perspectives from people who are different from you – and consider how you can take their input and use it to become an ally.

“We should all look for broader, more diverse perspectives that push and challenge our thinking.  Seek opinions different from your own from people who are different from you. That’s what sparks bold ideas and creates extraordinary results - and drives our progress toward a more sustainable world” 

- Mads Nipper, CEO

We are a global company with employees from around the world. A snapshot of our current employee demographics is below.

We’re taking action

We value diversity and inclusion, but success requires action. Our process is clear. We want all employees to feel valued. We want all of our systems, processes and ways of working to reinforce inclusion and fairness to support our diverse workforce. We want our company to reflect the communities we serve, so that we can take collective action.

Embrace inclusion

You can’t have inclusion without diversity. We want all employees to feel like they belong at Ørsted.

Lead the way

We’ll weave inclusive behaviours into our ways of working and decision making process.

Act for change

We need collective action to get this right.  Together, we can create a world that runs entirely on green energy – and a company that reflects the global communities we serve.

ØrstedIN: Moving forward, together

Ørsted IN is our global network of networks, led by passionate employees who believe in creating an inclusive workplace through safe spaces for all identities. 

These groups offer support to their own communities, encourage allies to take an active role in advocacy, lead on educational sessions, and provide guidance on policy and processes.

Embedding D&I in the core of our business 

To develop the way we lead, diversity and inclusion (D&I) needs to be embedded in our business strategy and central to all our decisions.  That is why we work with leaders, processes and policies to bring our vision to life and why we have decided to start our journey with a gender balance ambition of 60:40.  

We’re starting with a special focus on gender diversity, even though our ambition is to include all aspects of diversity. Why? Because it’s a proven driver of business value. And because research indicates that reducing bias in culture, systems, processes, and policies around gender may reduce biases overall to the benefit of other under-represented groups.
Externally, we’ve committed to meet specific gender ambitions.

Our ambition is 40 % women and 60 % men across Ørsted by 2030. We’ll track this at three levels: senior director and above; people managers; all employees. Where and when we can, we’ll seek to move farther and faster and go beyond gender.

This is an ambitious goal. It requires that we attract, recruit, develop, sponsor, engage, and include women at every level and step of the way. It requires us to revisit our culture and leadership values, to ensure they include behaviours that help women and everyone else to thrive.

Our culture