How does our Garden State grow?

Let’s make New Jersey the heart of the new American offshore wind industry

There’s no better way to invest in New Jersey’s economy and our future than with clean energy.


Ørsted has been on the ground in New Jersey for more than five years, developing the state’s first offshore wind project – the 1,100 MW Ocean Wind 1 project, in partnership with PSEG. This project will deliver enough offshore wind capacity to power half a million New Jersey homes.

New Jersey has selected Ørsted’s Ocean Wind 2 as part of the State’s second offshore wind solicitation. 

Together, we have helped New Jersey progress towards its ambitious renewable energy goals and plant the seeds of green growth. And now, Ørsted is poised to deliver over 2,200 MW of offshore wind to the Garden State.

Ocean Wind 2

Capacity: 1,148 MW 
Homes powered: 500,000 
Owner & developer: Ørsted

With Ocean Wind 2, we will deliver an additional 1,148 MW of capacity, powering a combined total of over one million homes with clean, reliable energy. We will also bring $1 billion of additional in-state spending to create new green jobs and build specialized manufacturing capabilities, while improving air quality and creating equitable growth opportunities to support New Jersey communities on the frontlines of environmental justice.

From building the world’s first offshore wind farm to becoming the global leader, offshore wind is what we do. It’s what brought Ørsted and New Jersey together. Now, building upon firm roots, we're positioning New Jersey at the heart of the new American offshore wind industry to grow a healthier Garden State that is sustainable and equitable.

Offshore wind is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to not only protect our environment, but also greatly expand our state economy in a way that has immediate impacts and paves the way for long-term growth.

— Gov. Phil Murphy, 2020

Growing back greener

The Garden State’s investments in offshore wind take on a new importance in the wake of the COVID-19 economic crisis. Ørsted is here to bring this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a hub for this new American industry in New Jersey while mitigating the effects of climate change. 

Building an equitable offshore wind industry

Ørsted shares New Jersey’s commitment to build an offshore wind industry that values equity, creates new opportunities and embraces diversity. Through Ocean Wind 2, we will:

  • Contribute $2 million to the New Jersey WIND Institute to help the Garden State nurture its future green workforce. This funding will support the WIND Institute’s objectives to act as a centralized hub for offshore wind energy workforce development and serve as a center for research and innovation to further advance the burgeoning U.S. offshore wind industry.

  • Establish a new 10-year $1.5 million scholarship and career development program with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). 

  • Expand upon the commitment to ensure a strong and inclusive industry through a second Pro-NJ Grantor Trust that will allocate an additional $8 million for businesses, including veteran-owned businesses, who wish to enter the offshore wind industry.

  • Invest $11 million to enable an innovative electric truck fleet at the Port of Newark with Zeem Solutions that will improve air quality for local residents. This partnership, outlined in the Ocean Wind 2 bid, will build a state-of-the-art truck depot including charging infrastructure and battery storage that will house, charge and service 200 trucks. Of those 200 trucks, 50 will be electric drayage trucks made possible by Ørsted’s investment.
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Ørsted Announces Innovative Electric Truck Initiative to Improve Air Quality in communities surrounding the Port of Newark.


Stimulating long-term green economic growth

Governor Phil Murphy, with Ørsted and EEW, recently announced a $250 million investment that will put New Jersey at the heart of the American offshore wind supply chain. A new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to be located at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal in Gloucester County, will build monopiles for offshore wind turbines and serve the entire United States offshore wind industry. The facility is the largest industrial offshore wind investment in the United States to date. It will create more than 500 high-paying jobs at full build-out.


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Governor Murphy Announces $250 Million Total Investment in State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility to Build Wind Turbine Components to Serve Entire U.S. Offshore Wind Industry


Engagement with organized labor

Ørsted is committed to ensuring that the transition to a clean energy economy must be accompanied by opportunities for tradespeople to obtain high-skilled, well-paying jobs in the construction of clean energy projects. Using our decades of experience building wind farms, we'll take that expertise and ensure there's an efficient and timely transfer of our skills and technology to the U.S. workforce. Trade unions are an important partner in making sure that happens as we need to build from their strong foundation of necessary skill sets.

Building offshore wind farms

Ørsted news

NABTU and Ørsted Sign Landmark MOU for U.S. Offshore Wind Workforce Transition

Ørsted’s unparalleled experience and local knowledge

We’re not just America’s leading offshore wind developer, we’re the world leader. Since pioneering the world’s first offshore wind farm in 1991, we've gained unrivalled experience and know-how within our field, creating true value for the local communities where we do business. With over 1,500 offshore wind turbines installed, we bring reliable, green energy to millions around the world. We know what it takes to make offshore wind a reality.


Proud to be America’s pioneering offshore wind developer

We own and operate America’s first offshore wind farm – Block Island Wind Farm - and are the only developer who has constructed offshore wind turbines in U.S. federal waters. At the end of 2020, we successfully constructed the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project on behalf of Dominion Energy, which is the first offshore wind farm to be operational in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We’re especially proud that, in addition to New Jersey, the states of New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maryland have entrusted us to deliver their first offshore wind projects too. This local experience combined with our global track record makes us the perfect partner to deliver further offshore wind to New Jersey.

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our green energy transformation

Ørsted is one the world’s most sustainable energy company

Source: 2021 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, Corporate Knights.

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