Ørsted Announces Offshore Wind Farm Technician Job Readiness Program

Atlantic City, NJ (May 2, 2023) - Ørsted, the U.S. offshore wind energy leader, today announced the launch of Wind Power Ready, its wind farm technician job readiness program, at Carnegie Library in Atlantic City. The first-of-its kind program will partner with local organizations near Ørsted’s developing offshore wind facilities throughout the country to provide a pathway for individuals from underserved communities to start a well-paid and permanent career in clean energy.

“Wind Power Ready is part of Ørsted’s commitment to diversifying our nation’s energy portfolio while also bringing equity and diversity to our workforce,” said David Hardy, Group EVP and CEO, Americas at Ørsted. “This first-of-its-kind program will open a pathway for those who want a career in clean energy but might lack the credentials, supports or experience. Ørsted wants to recruit individuals from local, underserved communities and offer real career opportunities supporting America’s clean energy future.”

A local workforce development program developed in partnership with Rowan College of South Jersey, Wind Power Ready will recruit and train individuals in Atlantic City and the surrounding area to become wind farm technicians on Ørsted projects. The program is funded through grants from Ørsted, the New Jersey Wind Institute for Innovation and Training, the Governor’s Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The Wind Power Ready program will serve as a model for future partnerships with community-based organizations near Ørsted’s various developing offshore wind projects. Focusing on training individuals from traditionally underserved populations – especially Black and brown people, women, and residents of communities disproportionately impacted by the effect of pollution and contamination – this unique program will provide participants with the skills they need to secure a career in clean energy. Participants will benefit from hands-on and practical experience and could graduate to become offshore wind turbine technicians in less than 22 weeks. Additionally, participants will be paid for their time while learning the skills and experience needed to work on an offshore wind farm.

Ørsted has set a goal to hire at least 40 percent of the Ocean Wind 1 offshore wind project technician workforce from the training program, a career that offers an annual compensation of at least $65,000 plus benefits. This goal aligns with environmental justice advocacy positions and the resulting Biden Administration’s Justice40 initiative, which sets a goal for 40 percent of benefits from renewable energy projects to go towards environmental justice communities.

“The Wind Power Ready program will help address historical inequalities by investing in and training people from communities near our operations and maintenance facilities, and connect many of them with the safe, green, well-paying and permanent career pathways that Ørsted offers,” said Erik Antokal, Director of Workforce Development for Ørsted. Ørsted is developing six offshore wind farms set to create 5 GW of renewable energy – enough to power nearly 4 million homes.


About Ørsted

A global clean energy leader, Ørsted develops, constructs, and operates offshore and land-based wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants. Ørsted is the first energy company in the world with a science-based net-zero emissions target as validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. In the United States, the company has approximately 700 employees and a growing portfolio of clean energy assets and partnerships that includes offshore wind energy, land-based wind energy, solar, storage technologies and e-fuels. A leader across the renewable energy sector in the United States, Ørsted holds the top position in offshore wind energy with approximately 5 gigawatts in development and operates America’s first offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Block Island. Ørsted has a total U.S. land-based capacity of 5 gigawatts across wind, solar, storage technologies and e-fuels. To learn more about the Ørsted U.S. business, visit us.orsted.com or follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@ØrstedUS).

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