Illustration of offshore wind turbines by the shore, part of Ørsted Americas seven facts about offshore wind series.

Seven facts
about offshore wind

Learn about offshore wind, the new clean energy
source on America’s east coast


Facts about offshore wind

Several offshore wind turbines juxtaposed with onshore energy sources, showing the reliability of offshore wind energy.

Is offshore wind power reliable?

Offshore wind is a highly reliable energy source. Wind turbines are able to generate clean energy out at sea, even when it seems calm from the shore.
A fishing boat and fish pass by offshore wind turbines, showing how offshore wind can coexist with commercial fishing.

Can offshore wind and commercial fishing coexist?

We work closely with the fishing industry when planning, building and operating our wind farms, ensuring peaceful coexistence.
An offshore wind turbine by an onshore factory emitting carbon represent the limited carbon footprint of offshore wind.

What is the carbon footprint of offshore wind?

Emissions from building turbines are vastly outweighed by those saved through generating clean power.
Offshore wind turbines juxtaposed with homes on shore represent the limited impact of offshore wind on property values.

Do wind farms impact property value?

Studies reveal that offshore wind has little to no influence on property prices.
Offshore wind turbines overlooking beach towels and umbrellas represent the limited impact of offshore wind on tourism.

Do offshore wind farms harm tourism?

Offshore wind has only recently arrived in the U.S. But from what we know so far, there is no reason to fear that it puts tourists off visiting the ocean.


Close-up of an Ørsted offshore wind turbine, explaining how to reliably transform offshore wind into clean electricity.
What is offshore wind power?

Offshore wind power explained

How we capture the power of the wind at sea to produce clean, reliable electricity