The time for clean energy is now. Renewable technologies have proven their ability to safely and sustainably power homes, businesses, and communities. In parallel, the U.S. federal government has announced ambitious clean energy targets, including a carbon-free power sector by 2035.

Building up clean energy is key to achieving these goals – but its transformational potential goes beyond any one industry. Clean energy offers a chance to prioritize people, preserve nature, and protect our climate. By deploying renewable solutions now, the right way, clean energy can make lasting, positive impacts on the American workforce, economy, and environment.

What is clean energy right, now?


Building clean energy projects that reduce emissions while benefiting people and nature

  • Creating well-paid jobs
  • Training local workers
  • Investing in communities
  • Preserving and conserving ecosystems
  • Making a net-positive biodiversity impact


  • Accelerating the clean energy transition and decarbonizing the power supply chain
New York adds more offshore wind firsts
New York is leading the way in offshore wind, piling up national firsts. South Fork Wind, New York’s first utility-scale offshore wind farm, is under construction. The country’s first American-built offshore substation – serving New York – was recently installed. And New York is currently building both its first offshore wind Operations & Maintenance center at Port Jefferson, and its first offshore wind training center in Brentwood.

The construction of South Fork Wind is well underway, with all foundations now installed. The 12 turbines will power 70,000 New York homes and create jobs for hundreds of American workers from construction through operation.

Shaping an industry for American workers

We’re building clean energy right now for people, creating an industry that benefits the many, not just the few.

Ørsted is committed to building all our offshore wind farms with union labor, signing the historic National Offshore Wind Agreement with North America’s Building Trades Unions. First up? Our South Fork Wind project in New York.

In parallel, we’re partnering with manufacturers across the U.S., from New York’s Ljungstrom to Louisiana’s Edison Chouest. Our goal is to build a truly domestic clean energy supply chain and industry, one that creates jobs for and opens careers to skilled American workers.

Meet America’s offshore wind workforce

Want to learn more about the National Offshore Wind Agreement? 

Hear from our partners at NABTU, the AFL-CIO, and Ørsted’s Head of Labor Relations.

$23 million

We’re investing millions in training America’s offshore wind workforce. We’ve launched major initiatives in Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island – and, of course, New York.

Restoring and preserving natural ecosystems

We’re building clean energy right now for nature, approaching renewables with a nature-conscious mindset. By delivering clean energy projects that support natural ecosystems, we can help restore and preserve biodiversity. 

In states like Texas and Kansas, we’re collaborating with conservation experts like The Nature Conservancy to preserve prairies, wetlands, and wildlife habitats near our projects. Offshore, we’re working closely with scientists to ensure the coexistence of offshore wind and marine wildlife, mitigating impacts on fish, birds, and marine mammals.

In addition, Ørsted is the first energy company to issue blue bonds, which finance offshore biodiversity and sustainable shipping.

Discover our biodiversity initiatives

4,000 acres

From filtering water to storing carbon, prairies are some of our planet’s hardest-working ecosystems. Together with The Nature Conservancy, we’re preserving thousands of acres of tallgrass prairie in Kansas and Texas.

Tackling emissions with renewable technologies

We’re building clean energy right now for climate, using the full spectrum of renewable technologies to help America reach its climate targets.

Our renewable energy solutions include land-based wind, offshore wind, solar, and battery storage. We also recently entered the American green hydrogen market, signing a green fuels agreement with Maersk to deliver e-methanol from our Gulf Coast facility to 19 of their methanol-powered ships.

As a company, Ørsted is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of all our projects. For example, we’ve partnered with SOLARCYCLE to help reuse or recycle all solar modules from our American solar farms.

Learn about our renewable energy solutions

10 GW capacity

Across the U.S., Ørsted has more than 5 GW of land-based capacity for wind, solar, storage, and e-fuels. We are also developing an additional 5 GW of offshore wind power.

Innovative clean energy solutions like green hydrogen have enormous potential to help the U.S. meet its climate goals. For Ørsted, hydrogen represents an exciting new technology to add to our portfolio, and another way to meet America’s renewable power needs.

—Melissa Peterson, Head of P2X Americas