Building today.

 Shaping tomorrow. 

With decades of experience building clean energy, Ørsted knows how to develop, construct, and operate projects the right way. In every community where we work, we are long-term partners, collaborating with local stakeholders to deliver long-lasting, positive benefits. For every project, we apply our high standards for environmental, social, and economic wellbeing to workers, suppliers, and communities.

Our extensive portfolio of renewable projects crosses over a dozen states. We operate America’s first offshore wind farm; own some of the U.S.’ largest solar farms; and built the country’s third-largest battery storage installation. These projects show the potential of American clean energy, and how this industry could be shaped into one that creates jobs, boosts economies, and conserves nature. 

Diptych of two photos: the tower of an Ørsted offshore wind turbine and three workers during offshore wind job training.

Creating jobs and investing in local communities

People are the heart of America’s clean energy industry: union workers, farmers, ranchers, students, teachers, conservationists, and community members of all kinds. 

That’s why our projects are shaping a new American workforce, creating jobs and pathways to long-term, high-quality careers. By collaborating with local partners and funding innovative training programs, we’re supporting the development of a new generation of skilled workers. 

In every state, we are part of the neighborhood, investing in local communities and cultivating long-term relationships with businesses. We are good neighbors, working carefully and listening closely to the community from siting to decommissioning. 

Strengthening American industry and energy security

Ørsted’s clean energy projects are delivering economic benefits today, bringing new opportunities to American industry. We’re creating jobs, spurring demand for new manufacturing facilities, improving domestic infrastructure, and expanding America’s clean energy supply chain.

We’re putting the full spectrum of renewable technologies to work, building reliable alternative energy sources in America. This will create a steady supply of domestic clean energy that will power millions of homes and businesses, boosting U.S. energy security and independence. It also gives us an opportunity to invest in American innovation, technology, and workers, laying the groundwork for a fast-growing clean energy industry.

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Conserving and restoring natural ecosystems

Ørsted is building clean energy projects the right way, starting with a nature-conscious mindset. Together with leading experts, we’re advancing environmental research, boosting conservation efforts, and preserving land quality to protect natural ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

In the American heartland, we’re proud stewards of the land, partnering with farmers, ranchers, and landowners to maintain land quality and integrity. We do this through research, conservation, habitat restoration, and land management.

On the East Coast, our offshore projects focus on coexisting with marine wildlife and conserving marine and coastal ecosystems. We partner with research institutions, fund scientific studies, and pilot new technologies that improve protections for marine ecosystems.

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Ørsted conserves native tallgrass prairies growing by its onshore wind farms in Texas and Kansas, preserving biodiversity
From burrowing owl habitats to wetlands, Ørsted is restoring and preserving biodiversity hotspots near onshore projects

For People. For Nature. For Industry.

Every project we develop is a chance to strengthen the U.S. economy, delivering clean, domestic energy to homes and businesses. By building America’s wind, solar, and hydrogen sectors the right way, we’re shaping an industry with high standards for workers, suppliers, and the environment.