A view from the shore of the five turbines making up Ørsted's Block Island Wind Farm, America's first offshore wind farm.

The Starting Five

Stories from America’s first offshore wind farm

Block Island Wind Farm

Back in 2016, the five diesel generators that powered Block Island, Rhode Island, were replaced by five offshore wind turbines – America’s starting five.

Today, five local people look back on what their island’s transition to clean energy has meant for them – and forward to a future where offshore wind powers many more communities across the country.

Stories from the community


Stories from Block Island

Hear from the local community as they share their take on the impact of offshore wind on their island home.
Bryan Wilson, former manager of the Block Island Wind Farm, tells a story of welcoming offshore wind to his community.

Stories from the community

Bryan Wilson

Find out how Bryan helped make Block Island Wind Farm a reality.

What will offshore wind in America look like in five years?

Block Island Wind Farm may be small. But its construction marked the birth of a revolutionary new industry for America. Today, as the leading offshore wind energy company in the U.S., we’re building offshore wind projects spanning the East Coast from Rhode Island down to Maryland. Combined, they’ll have a generating capacity of 5 GW – more than 150 times that of Block Island Wind Farm.

This new industry is generating benefits and opportunities far inland, beyond those experienced by coastal communities like Block Island. With a new supply chain including manufacturing facilities across the Midwest, vessel construction on the Gulf Coast, and steel fabrication in the South, we’re helping usher in a new era of sustainable economic growth, equitable job creation, and clean energy that will benefit people across the nation for generations to come.

Five years from now, Ørsted will have delivered some of the country’s first large-scale offshore wind projects. We’re on track to generate enough clean, reliable electricity to power two million American homes by 2030. This will make a significant contribution to the U.S.’s goal to developing 30 GW offshore wind by that year.

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