Offshore Winds of Change

How a challenged community embraced its past to rewrite its future

Once home to the world’s largest and busiest fishing port, decades of decline had taken their toll on the northern English town of Grimsby. Post-industrialization hit Grimsby hard, with mass structural unemployment creating damaging ripple effects, which spilled over into other aspects of life in the town.

However, Grimsby has found a way to buck that trend, by welcoming a new industry that is helping to shape a new tomorrow for the city:

310 people employed by Ørsted and our contractors in Grimsby


Offshore wind energy transforms communities

Today, Grimsby is moving from strength to strength thanks to renewable energy. Due to its proximity to the biggest cluster of offshore wind farms in the world, Grimsby has experienced a huge upturn of fortunes, with global renewable players such as Ørsted investing heavily into the area, creating jobs, enhancing educational opportunities, boosting local businesses, and improving infrastructure, all while providing the area with clean, environmentally friendly energy.

This has made Grimsby a role model for other cities around the world struggling under the effects of post-industrialization and provides hope for other cities seeking to create a brighter future.

$18.5 million

At Ørsted, we are fully committed to helping the communities in which we do business thrive. That’s why we don’t see ourselves as business partners.

We see ourselves as part of the community.

If wind power is coming to your town, grab it with both hands, you will be rewarded

Kurt Christensen, Retired Entrepreneur