Amira Wilson: A new generation of climate activism

Our interconnection on the island with water is huge. Everyone has some sort of aspect in their lives that’s water-related – surfing, fishing, going boating. We have to get a boat over the water to get to the mainland. And then there’s the wind farm.
Watch the video about Amira who is one of Block Island’s youngest environmental activists, with a mission to protect the island she loves and calls home.
I feel I was part of the wind power awakening. I first heard about the wind farm when I was five years old. I recall getting involved in my dad’s meetings and helping out with what he was doing. I was really excited that we’d be the first in the country to have this thing, even though we’re such a small community.

Now, when I look at the turbines, I feel a huge sense of pride. They represent a green future, it’s optimistic, it’s forward-thinking. It’s a great thing we have. I went on a trip to Washington D.C. and met kids from Florida to Alaska who’d read an article about our community and what we’d done. But being the only community powered by offshore wind makes me sad. I want to see more communities like us.
Amira Wilson, environmentalist, student, and offshore wind supporter, stands by the cliffs on Block Island's beach.
Amira Wilson, environmentalist and offshore wind supporter, seen from behind, looking at Ørsted's Block Island Wind Farm.

I think there’s a big momentum with my generation about environmentalism. I’m greatly hopeful for the future. I think we can take the steps that we need to do, and that we are taking them. The turbines represent that.

 — Amira Wilson

I would describe myself as a climate activist. I’ve done walkouts at the school. The actions of my generation need to take a stride towards being better informed. We need to understand how everything in the environment interacts. We need to take a very scientific approach.

For myself, I want to go to college, get a masters, maybe a doctorate. I want to work in a lab. Honestly, I want to work at NASA. I want to help us reach a green future and advance science.

Right now, as a senior at Block Island School, I play volleyball, basketball, softball. I’m involved in the audiovisual club. And I feel a sense of pride when I do things that are beneficial for others, like being on the student council. I want to know what’s going on, be part of everything.
View from the beach of two of the five offshore wind turbines that make up Ørsted's Block Island Wind Farm.
In the community, I volunteer at fire and rescue events, and I’m on the sealevel rise committee, along with Kim Gaffett. Our goals on the committee are to educate the island and protect it against risks that will come from climate change, for example storm surges.

I think there’s a big momentum with my generation about environmentalism. I’m greatly hopeful for the future. I think we can take the steps that we need do, and that we are taking them. The turbines represent that.

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