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Mariners Briefings

Mariners Briefings are issued to the United States Coast Guard (USCG), the Fisheries Liaison, and posted here.

The briefings include details of current operational activities at the wind farm, where we are working, information about the vessels being used, as well as future outlooks. The briefings are issued as needed.

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Mariner safety

Ørsted will be performing survey operations along the cable route and within the lease area. During those times, all mariners transiting or fishing in the survey area are requested to provide a wide berth to survey vessels as they will be limited in their ability to maneuver (VRAM) and towing gear out to 300 meters behind the vessel.

Vessels in the vicinity of the survey vessel should operate in a manner that will not endanger the vessel or associated equipment.

  • Block Island Wind Farm

    Block Island Wind Farm (BIWF)

    Located approximately 3 miles south east of Block Island, Rhode Island, the Block Island Wind Farm consists of five, six-megawatt offshore wind turbines, a submarine cable connecting the turbines, and a submarine cable from the northernmost turbine to an interconnection point on Block Island. The construction of the five turbines and the transmission cables was completed in 2016. The BIWF team has worked closely with mariners, including commercial and recreational fishing groups, to minimize impacts to the extent possible.

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In development

Working with the fishing community

Ørsted U.S. Offshore Wind is committed to maintaining a strong working relationship with all commercial and recreational fishermen who may be affected by a wind farm or wind farm activities in and around a lease area. We believe that good communication is essential to creating understanding between those who provide food for our tables and those who provide electricity for our homes. While not all conflicts can be resolved through communication alone, open and honest interaction helps to manage conflicts when they arise and identify ways to avoid or mitigate impacts that may occur.

Fishing gear conflict prevention and claim procedure


As good neighbors and fellow ocean users, Ørsted recognizes the possibility of offshore wind activity and commercial fishing gear encounters. We believe that with proper communication and training, there will be limited gear interactions, if any, in connection with the installation and operation of our offshore wind farms. In the event that there is a gear loss caused by or resulting from Ørsted’s activities, we have provided a claim/damage procedure at the link below. The prevention procedures are by no means exhaustive and will continue to be modified and improved.

Click here for more information on claim procedure

Our Marine Affairs Team

John O’Keeffe | Head of Marine Affairs

Phone: 857-332-4485



Ed LeBlanc | Marine Affairs Manager Northeast

Phone: 978-447-2737



Ross Pearsall | Fisheries Stakeholders Relations Manager

Phone: 857-278-2442




Rodney Avila | Corporate Fisheries Liaison

Phone: 857-332-4479



Julia Prince | NY/CT Fisheries Liaison

Phone: 857-348-3263



Chris Sarro | RI/MA Fisheries Liaison




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