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Setting the future in motion

New England is the epicenter of American offshore wind, taking the lead in shaping a clean energy future.

From operating the nation’s first offshore wind farm in Rhode Island to building crucial infrastructure in Connecticut, Ørsted is helping create a lasting offshore wind legacy for New England.

As a leader in offshore wind and longtime partner in New England, Ørsted is helping Rhode Island and Connecticut meet their clean energy targets. Our latest offshore wind project, Starboard Wind, is poised to bring reliable, affordable energy to New England residents. It will create jobs, support local businesses and workforce training, and expand New England’s offshore wind supply chain, while conserving marine and coastal ecosystems.

With Starboard Wind, we’re setting the future in motion, today. 

Securing reliable, affordable energy

A typical feature of fossil fuels is their high price variability. This leaves consumers vulnerable to unstable prices, with the risk of especially high rates during the winter. This is particularly true in New England, with Rhode Island and Connecticut ratepayers paying among the highest electricity prices in the nation for natural gas.

With offshore wind, Rhode Island and Connecticut can secure affordable clean energy with transparent and predictable pricing for at least 20 years. Federal policies are encouraging private investment, helping the industry achieve economies of scale. In addition, Starboard Wind will be able to leverage the regional infrastructure that has already been utilized for South Fork Wind and Revolution Wind.
Rhode Island
Starboard Wind will power hundreds of thousands of New England homes with clean, reliable energy.
For Rhode Island and Connecticut, this makes offshore wind a guardrail against volatile energy prices and reliability concerns caused by an overreliance on fossil fuels. Every dollar spent today to develop offshore wind is a long-term investment in stable prices for reliable energy.

Creating jobs and boosting economic growth

People are the heart of America’s offshore wind industry: union workers, skilled tradespeople, engineers, scientists, and community members. Every offshore wind farm represents a chance to create jobs, train workers, and build long-term partnerships with local businesses.

With projects like Revolution Wind, Ørsted has already created more than 1,000 well-paid jobs for skilled workers in offshore wind farm construction, operations, and maintenance. Starboard Wind would add to these opportunities, delivering more than $41 million in grants and partnerships to create jobs, open new career pathways, and support additional workforce development programs.
Wind technicians building
Rhode Island and Connecticut are growing hubs for American offshore wind, benefiting from local job creation and economic development.
Offshore wind also plays a critical role in improving clean energy infrastructure and supporting local industries, from shipping, to manufacturing, to construction. Together with partners, we’ve invested nearly $225 million in Connecticut’s New London State Pier and Rhode Island ports in Providence and Quonset Point, expanding New England’s offshore wind supply chain. From family-owned businesses to major companies, we’re bringing the economic benefits of clean energy to Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Conserving and restoring marine ecosystems

Ørsted builds clean energy projects the right way, protecting marine and coastal ecosystems and coexisting with marine wildlife. To do this, we partner with research institutions, fund scientific studies, and work closely with local environmental groups.

We’ve funded research assessing the impact of offshore wind on natural ecosystems, working with UConn Avery Point, the University of Rhode Island, Mystic Aquarium, and Project Oceanology, among others. We support mariners and the fishing industry, partnering with Sea Services North America and piloting programs like ghost gear removal to protect wildlife. Working with our partners, we’re bringing our expertise in marine conservation to the New England coast.

As the world’s most sustainable energy developer, we believe that renewable energy projects are key to a healthier environment – provided they’re built with nature in mind. That’s why our ambition is a net-positive biodiversity impact from all renewable projects commissioned from 2030 onward, making enhancing biodiversity a core aspect of Ørsted’s sustainability program and business.
Sea grass

Sharing ocean and coastal environments

As a leading offshore wind developer, Ørsted is shaping an industry that can successfully coexist with marine wildlife. We plan, construct, and operate our wind farms in compliance with all environmental regulations, using proven mitigation measures to protect wildlife.

Delivering as a long-term, local partner

Ørsted is a longstanding partner in offshore wind and clean energy for New England. We have a proven track record of delivering for Rhode Island and Connecticut, enabling both states to meet their clean energy targets and investing millions in local economies.

In Rhode Island, we’ve taken a final investment decision on Revolution Wind, a 704 MW offshore wind farm that will power 350,000 homes. The project is proceeding on schedule, with offshore construction scheduled for 2024. Revolution Wind will be Ørsted’s second offshore wind farm in Rhode Island, following the Block Island Wind Farm, which already powers 17,000 homes. We’re committed to Rhode Island’s offshore wind future – that’s why our company is co-headquartered in the Ocean State.
Constructing wind turbines
Components for South Fork Wind being marshalled at New London State Pier in Connecticut.
In Connecticut, we’ve invested $100 million in the development and revitalization of the New London State Pier. We’re shaping Connecticut’s clean energy future, helping fund initiatives like the Connecticut Wind Collaborative. By working closely with the governor and local community partners, Ørsted has expanded Connecticut’s offshore wind supply chain, helping local businesses “Make It Here”.
Offshore wind technicians

RI and CT’s offshore wind revolution 

Ørsted and partner Eversource have taken a final investment decision on the Revolution Wind offshore wind farm. This 704 MW offshore wind farm will power 350,000 homes in both Rhode Island and Connecticut starting in 2025. 

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